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A Naturally strong staining plant that has been used from ancient times in India. Henna is one of the main ingredient used in Malano Easy Black Hair Dye Shampoo
Henna Leaves
A wonderful plant with so many good properties, a very strong staining agent, improves quality of hair and skin. Mascara is actually made completely from Aloevera and is very good alternative to dye your hair Black
Our story

Created in the Fertile rich lands of India, is made from the nutrient rich Henna Leaves found in abundance and also from one of the most essential household plant found everywhere in India, Aloevera. 

Henna Leaves and Aloevera have been used for many centuries from ancient times in India. Henna and Aloevera have an incredible property to stain and stay on for a very long time. Malano leverages the properties of Henna and Aloevera to produce a very safe, premium quality and a plant based Black hair dye shampoo.

For People Who Love Black Hair

Malano Hair Dye Shampoo was created for people who just loves Natural, Shiny, Strong Black Hair. Malano Black Hair Dye Shampoo was created to provide a Premium Black Hair Dye that was very easy to use by reducing the hassle of using a hair dye – all that is needed is to just shower and rinse – Malano Black Hair Dye Shampoo.

All it takes is just 5 – Minutes to get your hair colored Black with Malano Black Hair Dye Shampoo

Black hair dye shampoo

Aloevera & Henna Black Hair Dye

5 – Minutes Hair Dye Shampoo.

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