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Malano Easy Black Hair Shampoo is unique combination of natural ingredient, Henna Leaves and Aloevera being the essential ingredients of all. Malano Easy Black Hair 5 – Minutes Dye Shampoo was created to make it really easy to use for the consumer and to ensure optimal coverage of all Grey hairs.

Our Story

There are so many Hair Dyes out there and even hair color shampoo, but where Malano stands unique is the combination of Henna and Aloevera

Henna Leaves know for its extensive usage in India for decorating skin is also super good to dye hair with. Firstly, its all natural and also treats other problems like Dandruff and Hair fall.

Aloevera is another such ingredient which is found almost in every household of India. Aloevera is a very widely used plant in the beauty industry. Aloevera is also a strong staining agent with unbelievable properties such as preventing hair fall and dandruff. Malano Easy Black Hair Dye Shampoo contains both Henna Leaves extract and Aloevera extracts. You get the best of both with Malano Easy 5 – Minutes Black Hair Dye Shampoo

I have been looking for a Henna based hair color for a while. Found this hair color randomly and learned that it has both Aloe and henna. This is pretty good product, i've used this product atleast 3 times and the results so far have been really satisfying
Edwin Periera
Model, Husband
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